In order to commercially implement new technology to use it was decided to form a separate group companies.

In November 2009, TzOV Ekonafta Ukraina was incorporated in Lviv, Ukraine, the first company in the group to eliminate oil sludge ponds from refineries in Western and Southern Ukraine.

In May 2013, Ekonafta Polska Sp. o.o. was incorporated in Katowice, Poland. The company was established in order to start the liquidation of a hazardous waste oil pond, so-called "Acid pits" in Czechowice- Dziedzice, at the former Czechowice Refinery (currently LOTOS SA). "Acid pits" are one of the four largest "ecological bombs" in Poland and is registered as an ecological bomb on the list maintained by the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection in Warsaw .

In 2015, Ekonafta Canada Ltd. was incorporated for the commercial activity in North America. At the moment, the company conducts preparatory work for a variety of commercial ventures in Canada.

All the group of Ekonafta companies are linked to the person of the owner and main investor, Mr. Nestor Woychyshyn, acting the same time as CEO of Vary Petrochem LLC.