Game-changing technology in bitumen recovery.

Imagine the ramifications and benefits of 99+% recovery of 99+% pure bitumen from tailings, froth, or oil sands without using solvents in the extraction process.


Zero environmental contaminants.

Not only it is possible, it’s a reality. CAC-24 is a completely diluent-free, totally inert chemistry that is revolutionizing the agglomeration of carbonaceous materials.

The use of VPC’s patent-pending CAC-24 chemistry and High Shear Process delivers 99+% bitumen recovery to the upgrader. Extraction becomes a significantly more productive process with higher output, reduced costs and greater profits while literally creating no pollution streams, enabling the land to be reclaimed completely and immediately.

  • More efficient extraction—99+% bitumen recovery
  • Bitumen is 99+% pure, containing less than .5% water and solids
  • Solids settle quickly for easy reclamation
  • Process consumes 75% less water than the Clark hot water process
  • 20% reduction in green house gasses
  • Significantly less energy usage (depending on where the VARY process is introduced)
  • Complete elimination of environmental issues and costs
    - No froth, no diluents, no flocculants used anywhere in the recovery process—no VOCs
    - No tailing ponds and disposal issues
    - Chemistry is 100% recyclable
    - Tailings are dry and stackable and can be immediately land filled which allows for simultaneous land reclamation
    - Chemistry and dry tailings are EPA environmentally compliant