The steps that make up the VPC High Shear Process are simple and straightforward. Moreover, the process can be easily plugged into existing operations. The only changes to upstream or downstream processes are the elimination of some of the steps and costs that can be eliminated as the result of the diluent-free, froth-free, pollution-free VPC extraction process.

The primary steps of the process are as follows:

  1. The chemistry (CAC-24) is prepared by mixing water with the weighed reagents.
  2. Sands, froth or tailings are conveyed to a slurry tank and mixed with the CAC-24.
  3. The slurry is pumped to attritors which use high speed/high shear mechanization to separate bitumen from solids and fines.
  4. Attritor product flows to a Primary Separation Vessel where three distinct layers form: the bitumen is at the top, the chemistry in the middle and all of the solids and fines at the bottom.
  5. Bitumen is collected via a skimmer.
  6. The chemistry is recaptured and reused.
  7. Tailings are comprised of dry stackable solids ready for immediate land reclamation.

Video Demo

The VPC pilot plant demonstration illustrates the ease, simplicity and effectiveness of the CAC-24 chemistry and the VPC High Shear Process.