November 6, 2006, after several years of research and development that included lab research and batch process and testing, VARY Petrochem LLC was formally incorporated and a patent was filed for the unique CAC-24 chemistry and High Shear Process.

Subsequently, a one barrel per hour pilot facility was commissioned and testing on Utah oil sands began. Approximately 20 runs were made, each typically achieving bitumen recovery of 99+%. The re-circulated chemistry was free of fines and the drained tailings were no longer in emulsion and were dry and stackable.

In October, 2008 VARY made a strategic change of direction and initiated testing on oil sands trucked in from the Athabasca region of Alberta, Canada. Bench scale tests utilizing CAC-24 achieved a bitumen recovery of 99+% with less than 0.25% solids and .025% chemistry in the recovered bitumen. The bottom line: Canadian oil sands contained a higher percentage of bitumen and were easier to process than Utah oil sands due to the water barrier versus the oil barrier between the bitumen and the minerals.