U.S. Patent Vary Petrochem No.1 [pdf]

 U.S. Patent Vary Petrochem No.2 [pdf]

For a complete list of patents of Vary Petrochem LLC and Robert Yeggy / Vito Altavilla please visit, typing in the search box phrase "vary petrochem". 


Government administrative decisions/Reports

Permit for mining of waste Ekonafta Poland 04/21/16 [pdf]

Letter from the Mayor of Czechowice-Dziedzice to Marshall Office 02/18/2016 [pdf]

Integrated Permit Ekonafta Poland - 04/25/2016 [pdf]

The environmental decision Ekonafta Poland 10/27/2014 [pdf]

Expertise - mining of waste Ekonafta Poland 24/03/15 [pdf]

Environmental Report Ekonafta Poland 4.08. 2014 [pdf]

The application for an integrated permit 17/03/2015 [pdf]





Test Results

CETEC Report [pdf]

EA Group Report [pdf]

Maxxam Analytics Report [pdf]

NE Ohio Sewage Report [pdf]

TDI Report [pdf]


MSDS Sheets

 CAC-24 Material Safety Data Sheet and Ecological Information [pdf]