Gravity is our friend. “Specific gravity” to be specific.

The CAC-24 chemistry has just a slightly heavier specific gravity than bitumen. So bitumen separates and floats. The process utilizes our patent pending chemistry in combination with High Shear to separate the bitumen from the solids—without forming froth and intractable emulsions that create disposal issues. In fact, the more shear, the more effective the process becomes.


cac-24.pngCAC 24

Oil sands

proces_vpc.pngVPC Process


The bitumen is skimmed off the surface while the chemistry facilitates rapid settling of the fines, which, after removal from the process are dry and stackable. The middlings are clear, free of solids and continuously recyclable to the process. Chemistry loss in the process can be .5% by volume or even lower.

Extraction utilizing CAC-24 is extraordinarily efficient as well as worker and environment friendly.

  • CAC-24 is not a solvent or surfactant, is non-reactive, non-toxic and contains no VOCs requiring none of the regulatory compliance issues associated with VOCs.